There are hundreds of learning resources and ways to keep our kids occupied on the internet. What if someone curated and collated them into one website? We have sifted and sorted, so you don’t have to. Our directory is a good place to start when searching for resources for all subjects, ages and stages of school and beyond.

The Learning Mentor website consists of a directory of learning resources to support your child’s learning and mental health, plus fun activities, and a blog with articles sharing study tips and how to promote learning at home.

We list Australian Curriculum linked resources, UK and US websites, video channels, articles, lesson plans, projects, career and life skills resources and much more. And this list is growing everyday. Let us know if we have missed something you would like to see here.

Your chief curator is Lotti, a parent, community educator, digital literacy and life skills tutor, educational program designer and former integration aide with a passion for learning. Learning Mentor was set up to help parents through supporting their child’s education through school and beyond.

The website is totally free to use and free to list with. We are not making any money from this site or charging anyone to use it.

Let us know in the comments if you have tried a resource and tell us what you think! Featured listings are tried and tested by us (we have no affiliations with the businesses).

Life in isolation for Lotti consists of supporting remote learning for a teen and a tween, juggling work and diploma study, piano practice, baking treats, and connecting with parents of teens in her Facebook group.