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Julie Inman Grant eSafety Commissioner – 18/03/20

Whether through choice or necessity, an increasing number of people are staying home as COVID-19, a new strain of coronavirus, sweeps the globe. It’s a worrying time, with implications for personal wellbeing right through to international stability.

The upside, if it could be said there is one, is that compared to any other period in history it is now far easier to limit face-to-face contact while keeping in touch with the outside world. The internet is a great tool for fending off the feeling of isolation, allowing us to socialise, study, shop and be entertained online.

A growing number of people can also work from home, thanks to the internet. But for many others, social distancing or quarantine means the loss of an income, adding to frustration and financial stress.

To make the best of being stuck at home, it is important to ensure you can find reliable information, stay connected with family and friends, help your children stay safe online – and stay mentally healthy too.

That last one can be particularly challenging, if you are facing the prospect of being cooped up with bored and restless kids or teens for an unusually long period!

So at eSafety we have put our heads together (though not too closely) and come up with this virtual safety kit, packed with evidence-based suggestions and trustworthy links to help you through.

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