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Providing youth mental health services for Australians aged 12-25. headspace is here for you. Whether you need information or someone to talk to –they’ll connect you with expert support.


eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 – 25 and their families and friends. If you’re based in Australia and going through a tough time, eheadspace can help.


Find your local headspace Centre

headspace centres are here for you. Whether you need information or someone to talk to – they’ll set you up with expert support. They have more than 100 centres across Australia. All of their centres are created with young people to make them welcoming – so don’t expect old men in lab coats! Importantly, headspace centre services are all free or low cost and what you say is kept confidential.


Information Library


headspace work and study Programs support 15-25-year-olds to plan a career, find employment or work towards further education – in a highly accessible, confidential and youth-friendly environment.

How headspace can help

  • If you are feeling down
  • If you are feeling stressed
  • If you are being bullied
  • If you have concerns about drugs and alcohol
  • Getting along with your family and friends
  • Romantic relationships
  • Questions about sex
  • Questions about gender and who you are attracted to
  • Getting advice about helping a friend
  • Anything you want to talk about!

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