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Practice Aptitude Questions

These practice questions will familiarise you with the style of questions used in the Morrisby assessments. The real assessment’s questions will become harder than these as you progress through.
Morrisby Profile: Online

These practice questions are similar to those used in then online aptitude assessments.
If you would like full access to the Morrisby Online assessments and Career Programme you can buy access with a Morrisby Pass.

Morrisby Profile: Paper and Pencil
These practice questions are similar to the questions in the paper based aptitude assessments.

Make Better Career Subject Uni Apprenticeship
Choices. We help people make better choices by providing objective and relevant information about themselves and the opportunities available.

We help guide students to make better choices about their future, using our online platform backed up with our adviser support.

Morrisby can help in a number of situations, including:

Self discovery helps students understand themselves and the sort of options that will suit them.
When a student doesn’t know which subjects to pick, Morrisby’s study suggestions will give ideas.
Ensuring subject choices keep doors open.
When there is a concern that a student’s desired career or study choices might not suit them then Morrisby’s impartiality and objectivity helps with the decision making.
Boosting motivation by providing a career goal and what is required to achieve it.

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