Racism No Way

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Teaching resources

The resources contained in this section have been developed to support the delivery of anti-racism education in the classroom. Included are lesson ideas, activities and stimulus materials which assist students to engage positively with other peoples and cultures and to better understand Australia’s cultural diversity and history.

Anti racism activities – years 3-12
Lesson ideas

Lesson ideas which can be used independently or to support existing curriculum and anti-racism education initiatives.
Focus on the media

Links to media reports relating to racism and multiculturalism. Included is a checklist to guide students’ in critically analysing reports.
Puzzles and quizzes

Activities which aim to develop students’ general knowledge of Australia’s cultural diversity and history, human rights, racism and discrimination.

Activities to promote student wellbeing for pastoral care/ tutorial groups, Student Representative Councils (SRCs), lunchtime interest groups and extra-curricular activities at schools, pre-schools, after hours school care centres.
Cooling Conflicts

Cooling Conflicts is a drama based program that works to empower school students to manage their own conflicts and to become leaders in conflict management in their school communities.
Anti prejudice activities – years K-2
Lesson ideas

Lesson ideas developed to assist students develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed to counter racism, prejudice, and discrimination.

Lessons are organised by age and by the themes: Developing identity & self-esteem, Being comfortable with difference, Understanding prejudice and Taking action against prejudice.
Supporting resources

Racism. No way! A Guide for Australian Schools is a document which aims to develop understanding of the nature of racism as well as skills to counter racism in the school context.

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