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 Digital Literacy and Online Safety / Posted 11 months ago / 195 views

Students growing up in a digital age need to feel confident about making positive choices online, which will benefit their ongoing wellbeing. Schools and the classroom provide safe spaces for students to explore their ideas around social media, and to learn that there are both positive and negative aspects of using platforms. Ultimately, however, each individual needs to decide for themselves how to engage with the online world.

Social media platforms are developed and updated regularly; accordingly, the way students engage with each platform will also evolve. These platforms differ in functionality which can include sharing messages, ideas, photos, stories and other content. Some platforms were popular for only a short time (e.g. Kik, Yik Yak, Vines, Myspace), while others have evolved with the audience to become part of everyday life (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


Classroom resources

Designed to be engaging and relevant to your students.


What is social media?

Students learn about social media platforms and the importance of thinking about their terms of service.


Social media and personal wellbeing

Students examine a scenario to identify activities on social media that could impact on their wellbeing. Students identify strategies they could use to improve their wellbeing.


Positive uses of social media

Students analyse positive social media trends and outline how they could use social media to create social change.


Trolling and cyberbullying

Students learn to recognise trolling and cyberbullying and develop strategies to deal with it.

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