Award-winning author of the How Do I Teach This Kid series, Kimberly Henry M.S. has produced a brilliant book in “How Do I Teach This Kid to Read? Teaching Literacy Skills to Young Children with Autism, from Phonics to Reading Comprehension”.

Although it is aimed at children with autism, it is a fun and simple book for teaching phonics and early literacy skills to all young children.

Her strategies are evidence-based, and I would say from experience, they really work. She explains the ethos behind each one, and describes why and how the strategies and activities work.

The layout is straightforward and easy to follow. All the activities and lessons in the book are available on the accompanying CD to print out, and Kimberly offers suggestions on how you can use the activities and a list of materials needed.

She addresses topics such as phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension.

My son loved the activities in this book. They felt much more like games than learning, so he was extremely motivated to do the activities. We laminated the printed pages and materials so we could use them again and again. Overall this is a book I would recommend to any parent who wants to help their child develop early literacy skills.

You can view a preview of the book here.


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