It can be overwhelming if you have a project to complete, especially if it seems to have many parts to it. Here are some tips that may help.

Give yourself as much time as possible

Ideally read through it on the day it is set. Normally you will have a deadline of when the task needs to be in. Write this date on your calendar. Note how many days you have to complete it, and aim to do a little bit on it each day.

Have a “thinking day”

The first step is just look at what you have to do, read through it, and do nothing else. This takes the pressure off and “breaks the ice”. Your brain starts to chew through it in the background as you go about your day. You may find yourself thinking about it when you are least expecting it.

Tackle the easy bits first

The next day, read it again and mark off any questions or steps you know how to do. Make some notes if you feel like it. Don’t worry yet about those parts you don’t know how to do. Doing something is better than nothing, it lessens the load for later, and tackling the easier parts of the project helps to build momentum.

Break it down

When you can’t see the result or the end it is harder to get motivated, so break the task down into steps and set small, achievable and realistic goals.

Ask for support if you need

By this time you should have a fair idea if you need to contact your teacher for assistance. The earlier you do this, the more time your teacher has to reply or to give you an extension if it is required. That’s why it is good to start your project on the day you receive your assignment.

Make a plan

Use your goals to make a plan, ideally with a schedule of which parts of the project you are going to tackle when. Add actions to each step. If you need to do some research, plan when you will do it, what books or websites you may need to look at, and how long you think it will take. Add in some extra time in case it takes longer than planned.

Tick it off

Tick each item off your plan as you complete it. This will help you to see how far you have come (and get that feeling of satisfaction as you complete each task). You can also see how much you have left to finish.

Edit and review

Check through your work before you send it in. Sometimes it is easier to write your assignment knowing you are going to edit it later, as editing as you go along can be harder and more time consuming to do.

Hand it in!

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a project and handing it in.


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