Supporting our childrens’ learning can be overwhelming, especially in the current circumstances. There is no doubt we are in a time of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to support our children’s learning we need to help them manage this stress, as well as our own, to create the conditions for learning.

As a parent I get it. I have two boys, one in grade 6 and one in year 9, and as a former integration aide to primary children from prep to grade 6, I understand how tough it is, both from a parents point of view and a teacher’s point of view. What we are going through is unprecedented and far from normal, there is no blueprint for what is happening now, for us, for our children or for their teachers.

Our children have lost a lot, as have we all – friends, family, peer support, even a little of their self esteem, with no real idea of when things will go back to normal. Our mental health is pushed to the limit as we try to understand and gain control over what little we can. We can only do our best. And our best is good enough. As parents we need to help our children feel safe, to build their resilience and give them a secure environment where they can learn.

As a tutor I know sometimes it takes empathy, understanding and a creative approach to engage someone in learning.

The blog is focused on ways you can support your children’s learning and help you to understand the times when they find learning challenging.

This website provides a searchable directory to many of the online resources available to support your children’s learning in isolation. These include homework help, learning worksheets and resources, art and science projects, live streams and educational YouTube channels, resources to support specific subjects and age appropriate resources for mental health. There are resources too for learning about Coronavirus/COVID-19 and how to explain it to your children.

If you have anything to add to our directory, please contact us.

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